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Ketamine Journeys

With the emergence of breakthrough treatments like Ketamine for healing it has been found that a Key part of the healing process is integration of the experience. The process of integration is where the real healing can happen. The Ketamine Journey's Journal was created to help you internalize your experience with Ketamine or other psychedelics for the treatment of Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, or any other ailments you might treat with these medications. Utilizing this journal can become a key in helping you succeed in your journey towards healing. This is an integrated journal, meant for you to use to take note of changes in mood, pain, and health. It will also provide some helpful tips for the road ahead. The journal contains prompts for you to fill out before and after your journeys as well as blank pages for you to fill in with other thoughts that might occur to you. This journal contains 198 pages and has repeating prompts for multiple journey's to help with your healing.

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